Mechanical Enginee ring


Available Projects at TAL

For Postgrad students
"Design and Construction of a Thermoacoustic Engine"
The aim of this research is to design and construct a standing wave thermoacoustic engine in order to drive a thermoacoustic refrigerator. To obtain maximum capacity,
the helium of 40 bar is employed as working fluid to operate at designed frequency. This project is supported by Thammasat University Research Fund

"Simulation of acoustic wave propagation in Thermoacoustic engine"

The aim of this research is to simulate the flucuating  movement of acoustic wave in a stansing wave thermoacoustic engine, especially within the stack where the the acoustic effect taking place.

Thammasat University

Fatimah AZ Mohd Saat, Zhibin Yu and Artur J. Jaworski 2012 CFD modelling of flow and heat transfer within parllel plate heat exchanger in standing wave thermoacoustic system, 19th International Conference of Sound and Vibration, 08-12 July 2012, Lithuania, Vilnius.

For u ndergrad students
"The Effect of  Heat Transferring on the Acoustic Effect of the Thermoacoustic Refrigerator"
The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of heat exchanger added to couple the ends of the stack of thermoacoustic refrigerator.