Mechanical Enginee ring

Area of Research
   - Energy Technology
   - Solar Technology
   - Spray and Combustion
   - Drying Technology
   - Heating and Cooling Techniques
   - Thermoacoustic Technology

Thammasat University

Dhuchakallaya, I., Rattanadecho, P. and Watkins, P., 2013, "Auto-ignition and combustion of diesel spray using unsteady laminar flamelet model," Applied Thermal Engineering, Vol. 52, pp. 420-427.

Jongpermwattanaphon, P., Dhuchakallaya, I., Phiromphon, K. and Pragosantang, K., 2012, "The Effect of Stack Geometry on the Cooling Performance of Thermoacoustic Refrigerator," The 26th Conference of the Mechanical Engineering Network of Thailand, Chaing Rai, 24-27 October 2012.